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Experience all the Thrills and Excitement of America's Most Loved Family Circus as our host Everyone's Favorite Clown Nojoe, leads the way through Wonder, Amazement, & Laughs.  Featuring all the stars from the #1 Hit Television Show Funny Bu$iness & The Award Winning Movie GreasePaint, Nojoe's Circus continues to bring crowds back again and again with their High Energy Productions.  The 2017 Show includes a Fantastic International cast from the United States, Colombia, Argentina, and Viet Nam with Action-Packed acts like; The Wheel of Adventure featuring the only wheel act in the world with the Jump Rope of Fire, The Globe of Steele with Two Amazing Motorcycle Stunt Men "The Beast Riders" and the Lady Daredevil "Miss Kala", The Amazing Franco Clown / Juggler Extraordinaire, The Always Beautiful Fire Twirling Miss Jamie, The Mesmerizing Matias on the Stacking Rola-Bola, The Beast of the Jungle Rim-Shot and the only clown to ever receive two consecutive Clown of the Year Awards NOJOE!


The cast of NOJOE'S Circus are currently filming season 2 of their #1 Hit television Show Funny Bu$iness while on tour across the United States.  The subjects of the Multi-Award Winning documentary film GreasePaint are loved by thousands of fans all across the country.  "We decided that since the fans are the reason we not only have the success we enjoy but, also the reason we began the circus that we should offer them the opportunity to be a part of the TV Show too!"  Portions of episodes will be filmed at tour stops all across America during the 2017 season featuring the people, places, fairs, etc. that each stop has to offer!  Funny Bu$iness is available only on the network Decent TV.


The Quality of the production of the 2017 show is more than we have ever done before. With two completely different productions offered to the fair / festival market it allows the fans to return to the show in the same day and see two totally different productions.  The Excitement and Extremely Fast Pace of NOJOE'S Circus is one that fans and fair boards have grown to love throughout the years.  With High Quality Computer Lighting, Lasers, Projection Fog and Smoke, Water, Confetti Cannons, Fire, HUGE Computer Sound System, Dazzling Costumes, Award-Winning and World Record Holding Performers it's easy to see why Nojoe's Circus is a crowd favorite all across the U.S.






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